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An event occurred last week that deserves mentioning because of the way it affects our church community and reflect our common values. Last week Sunday an American who was in Nigeria for the first time attended the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in our parish community. The visitor a Professor of Architecture in Boston University, Massasucett came to Nigeria to examine indigenous architectural designs and to deliver a lecture in University of Lagos. He came to Osogbo to visit Osun shrine being a UNESCO Heritage Center to look at the local architectural designs that dot the landscape in the shrine. On Sunday as a good Catholic he was looking for a place to attend Holy Mass, according to him he saw the sign post of our Church at Oke-Fia entrance and followed the direction to our church.

 I remember sometime last year,  State of Osun Signage, Hoarding and Advertisement Agency (O’Signage) forcefully removed our church sign post because we refused to pay the money meant for the Outdoor Advertisement  imposed on business centers and places of worship with outdoor sign  posts. In March this year the second one beside Rasco Hotel leading to our old Church building was also removed by the same agency of the State. This prompted me to go to the office for verification of what the matter was all about, eventually we paid #34, 000 naira on 14/3/2018 to re-establish the sign post at Oke-Fia and other spots. I naturally felt bad and uncomfortable about this seeming subtle persecution of the Christian churches in Osun State by the agents of the State Government in the guise of revenue collection. But after my discussion with the American visitor to Nigeria who located our parish community through our sign post, I think #34,000 naira is not too much a price to pay to get us noticed as a church community. If the Professor from Boston did not see our sign post he would have return to America presuming there is no serious Catholic presence in Osun State or even in Nigeria.

On a second note the Professor of Architecture from United States of America commended the beauty of our church, the design and organisation of the different items in the Church both spiritual and temporal. More importantly he described our church community as a lively one and he had a good impression about Nigeria and we Nigerians. He promised to come back to Nigeria again in the future. Sacred Heart Church, Oke-Fia is a community with class and values. We must keep the flag of faith flying!

I wish you our highly esteemed parishioners a fruitful and grace filled working week. Be assured of my prayers for your intentions. God bless you.

Rev. Fr. Peter Oluseyi Adeyemi,

Parish Priest. 

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